This is not a film about the history of Kosovo, but about its present.

It is not a pro-Serbian nor an anti-Albanian film, but a metaphor about the hypocrisy of military interventions and failed peacekeeping.

Backround information about Kosovo is way too complicated for standard media formats, and very much dependent on where the story begins and on whom you ask.

If you ask me, visit

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about race openly . because there was so much diversity," he said. His next job in Oakland exposed him to a "very progressive area" authentic jameis winston youth jersey that had "moved beyond race." "When I came to Baltimore, it was like going back in time," Batts says in the interview. "It’s about about black and white racism in that city. It’s all the things you dealt with in the 1960s." He said Baltimore has "old money . that’s been around for a long time" and "very affluent, very beautiful areas, but you also have areas that are very challenged." The Baltimore SunBatts on keeping officers positiveSee all related8 "Part of my job is to get those different authentic alterraun verner mens jersey communities speaking to each other, get them at the table having open and authentic conversations," he said. Batts referred to a meeting he had that week in steelers jack lambert womens jersey which he said the participants wanted to talk about police excessive force and training of officers, which gave way to a discussion about poverty, schools, and "what the responsiblity of the community is as a whole." "I was very happy with it," rams greg zuerlein mens jersey he said. Batts declined to comment when The keenan robinson youth jersey Baltimore Sun sought clarification about his comments about racism in the city, but through a spokesman said he is trying to increase dialogue among city residents. Speaking to the White House Panel, Batts said: "When I go to Baltimore, on the East Coast, I’m dealing with 1950s level black and white racism. It’s taken a step
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