Once upon a time there was Nothing… An even if there wasn’t, it is here today, more present, useful and misunderstood than ever – a thorn in the ego of Western society, the last and first documentary theme, the only universally shared experience, the immanence of every change.

From pagan cosmogonies and theological origins of the world to quantum abstractions of space, fears of voids, boredoms, daydreamings, bankruptcies, relativities, frugalities, spiritualities, silences, absences, zeros, placebos, yins, yangs, nirvanas and tabula rasas, Nothing has been one of the oldest and most permanent challenges of human inquiry.

Philosophers struggled to grasp it, mystics dreamed they could imagine it, scientists strove to create it, astronomers searched in vain to locate it, logicians were repelled by it, theologians yearned to conjure everything from it, at which mathematicians and politicians finally succeeded. Meanwhile, the majority of people remained dismissive, if not terrified, today as much as in the dawn of history.

Nothing has always been an awe-inspiring concept, a meaning-of-life question central to all, capable not only of shaking the foundations of contemporary thinking but also of striking us in endless personal revelations, gloriously intimate, often unconscious and never captured on film.

As such, as such an integral part of our reality and despite all our efforts in trying to ignore it – Nothing also stands out as a legitimate, necessary yet unexplored documentary film topic.

Our ‘documentary parable’ thus builds upon the legacy of our (mis)understanding of Nothing, in order to make an original and inspiring critical commentary about contemporary society – from Nothing’s point of view.