“This is like something from the Renaissance or something.”
– Iggy Pop

“Apothéosique!” – Pascal Comelade

“Too wise to be poetic.” – Film Explorer

“A torrential blues litany, tickling the limits of hope.” – CineLapsus

“Turns out Zeitgeist has a voiceover of an aging ageless punk icon. How appropriate!” – Forbes

“Iggy Pop is the voice of Nothing in a film about everything. Confused? This is just the beginning of a massive cosmic comedy.” – CPH:DOX

“This palate cleanser from director Boris Mitic is never less than gorgeous.” – The Financial Times

“Poor Nothing, prisoner of the rhymes…” – Ximena Caminos’s mother

“A sensationally strange slice of avant-garde pontificating.” – The Guardian

“A monumental abstraction.” – Radio Beograd 3

“This was the only real thing I saw today.” – Christine Monori, Miss Romania

“Watching this film is like a mixture of feelings from before and after making love.” – Agron Domi

“Can I screen this film at my funeral, twice?” – Johan Kolinsky

“Your poster made my cat melancholic.” – Magda Maksiak